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Equipment and Skills Required for a Sign Installation

It is important to hire only experienced sign technicians who have the capability to install new signs efficiently and securely, be it indoors or outdoors. 



Installation of large exterior electrical sign

Equipment needed

The list of equipment used for mounting indoor signs include a ladder, measuring tape, mounting pattern or template, level, masking tape, centre punch, safety glasses, cleaning brush, letters and pads or studs, drill, pliers or snips, cleaning brush and cleaning rags, and vacuum. The wall where the sign will be mounted must be cleaned. This will make sure that the sign is installed well.

Site survey

Site survey is an important part of any sign installation project. The site should be thoroughly analyzed to determine the physical placement of the sign. The list of site survey activities include taking photographs of that area, verifying all the measurements and so on. Footer locations and electrical access points must be noted down as well. The technical restrictions play a vital role in the zoning and permitting process. Only when the survey of the site is completed, can the sign company present a proposal.

Location instructions

In case of outdoor locations, the minimum height should be seven feet from the ground, unless otherwise specified by the local bylaws – in business as well as residential zones. If there are multiple signs to be installed, it is important that they do not block each other or get hidden due to other objects in the area. Locations that must be avoided while installing signs include dips in road, beyond crest of any hill and sign locations which could be covered by foliage and trees.

When it comes to indoor areas, the sign must be accessible to seniors and the visually impaired. The signs should be mounted on the walls on the latch side of the door. In case there is no space for this, the sign can be mounted on the closest adjacent wall.



Installing interior 3D dimensional letters

Levels and tape


Installation of custom wall mural

An interior wall sign can be installed using adhesive tape, screw mounting and silicone sealant. For the adhesive tape style, a surface on which the sign is to be installed must be smooth and even for a perfect and straight installation. The adhesive’s cover must be removed and the sign must be pressed to the wall for about 30 seconds. Levels must also be used for screw mounting.

Specialist equipment

Specialist equipment used for sign installation include ladders, step ladders, scaffold, hydraulic platform and a bucket truck.

Skills required

Skills needed for sign installation are similar to skills needed in a structural iron worker. Some of the tasks a sign installer is required to do are to raise, place and unite the steel columns and girders along with other structural members. The end result will be a complete structural framework. There may also be a requirement to assemble prefabricated metal structures.

The skills needed for sign installation are:

  • Coordination: The person must coordinate with others involved in the sign installation process.
  • Monitoring of operations: This includes closely watching gauges and other indicators to ensure the correct working of the machines.
  • Control and operation: The person must be able to control the operations of systems and equipment.
  • Active listening: The person should give complete attention to other people’s orders or interactions. Time must be spent to make sense of points being made. You should also ask appropriate questions and not interrupt any person at an inappropriate time.
  • Active learning: Implications of any new information for both present and future decision making and problem solving.

Critical thinking is also a necessity in this job. The person should employ reasoning and logic to identify both strengths and weaknesses when it comes to solutions. The correct approach to each problem must be taken. Above all else ensure the work space is controlled to provide safety for pedestrians as well as the installers.

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