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Custom Outdoor Signs That Attract Attention

There are generic, forgettable, and run-of-the-mill outdoor signs — and then there are dynamic and creative custom outdoor signs that attract attention!

Obviously, your goal is to get the latter so that you can make a lasting positive impression on your marketplace, achieve top-of-mind brand recognition, and if you’re in the B2C/retail space, capture foot traffic and generate more sales. Indeed, a survey by FedEx Office found that 76 percent of consumers entered a store that they’d never visited before exclusively because they were impressed by the external signage. Furthermore, 68 percent of consumers made a purchase because a custom outdoor sign captured their attention!

Custom Outdoor Signs

To help your business make a smart investment that continues delivering ROI year after year, here are three tips to choose the ideal custom outdoor sign:

1.Don’t settle for a limited selection.

Many sign companies only offer a handful of custom outdoor sign types. Make sure that you choose a vendor that offers a full range of solutions, such as grand format vinyl banners, LED signs, channel letters, monument signs, window graphics, and the list goes on.

2.Get professional design support.

You may have a vision in mind about what your ‘perfect’ custom outdoor sign will look like. While this is a useful starting point, it’s important to choose a sign company that offers professional design support so that your preferences align with best practices.

For example, while a certain colour scheme may look great in photos, if it presents visibility challenges and is hard for potential customers to read, then you’re much better off choosing different colour and/or design. A reputable sign company will explain the benefits and limitations of each possibility, so that you can make informed and successful decisions.

3.Pay attention to materials.

You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that custom outdoor signs can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood, steel, brick, stone, aluminum, vinyl, and more. The type of material will directly impact important aspects like weight, size, visibility, maintenance, design options (for example: you can add a smartphone QR code to vinyl banners), and of course, overall price. Your property management company may also require the use of certain materials that align with the property’s overall aesthetics.

The Bottom Line

Custom outdoor signs aren’t just labels. In a crowded and competitive marketplace, they’re valuable and vital business assets that can help you attract attention and drive your business onward and upward. The above tips will help you head in the right direction!

Learn More & Get Custom Outdoor Signs For Your Business

To learn more about choosing the right custom outdoor sign for your business’s needs, then contact the SSK Signs team today by calling 905.282.2225 or emailing [email protected]. Our experience is your advantage!

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