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Creative Vinyl Wrap Strategies For Cars And Trucks

Experienced vehicle wrap companies know the characteristics of exceptional vehicle wraps: they use proper branding and deliver a clear message. However, when you take stock of all the car wraps in Mississauga that can be seen out on the roads, you’ll quickly see that not all car wraps are created equal. Unfortunately, a poorly crafted vinyl car wrap results in a wasted opportunity for the businesses using them.

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If you want to ensure an effective car wrap in Mississauga, you need to work with vehicle wrap companies that have proven experience designing and installing vehicles wraps of all size and for a variety of different types of vehicles. While there isn’t a set of rules that have to be followed, learning more about the creative strategies shared below will help you better understand the fundamentals of a good vehicle wrap. This information will help you get maximum impact and a better return on investment from your vehicle advertising efforts.

Understanding Your Best Options For Vehicle Wraps

Before you start the creative process, it’s best to establish a budget, as you would with any marketing project. In order to help you get a better idea of what a vinyl wrap car or truck may cost, know that there are several options to consider.

  • Full wraps that cover the entire vehicle surface, front to back.
  • Half wraps that include a partial application covering sides, plus front or back.
  • Window perforated films which are colourful, hole-laden graphic films used to accentuate a larger design.
  • Letters and spot graphics which can be simple, inexpensive, one- or two-colour images displaying your logo, tagline or other marketing message.

Once you know what vinyl wrap car type you want for your business, the next step is creating an effective strategy that will raise your brand awareness and increase your sales. Your brand should always be the primary message for a vehicle wrap. Some additional information to keep in mind includes:

  • Use limited or no photos. Remember, a photo is not a brand identity and often doesn’t connect customers with your business name. Too many photos can tell your audience what you do, but not who you are! Make sure your message doesn’t get lost when using photos, as you only have a few seconds to grab people’s attention.
  • Limit your text. Ask yourself, if you can only include one or two memorable takeaways, what should they be? There are only a few things a good vehicle wrap needs:
    • Strong brand implementation.
    • A short tagline message.
    • A web address and phone number.
  • Design to stand out, not fit in. Jumping onto the latest trends will often only make your vehicle look like everyone else’s. Think about eliminating noisy backgrounds and photos and concentrate on designing a wrap that will stand out. A vehicle wrap with impact will be something that people can easily read and remember.
  • Simple and obvious is a winning combination. When your audience needs to work too hard to figure out the primary message, it’s an opportunity lost. Be confident in the one, primary takeaway you’re hoping to leave with potential customers.

SSK Signs: High Quality Car Wraps In Mississauga

Companies looking to invest in vinyl wrap cars or trucks will certainly have their choice of options. However, if you want to be sure that your branded vehicles will help you build your business, it’s critical to work with a vehicle wrap company like SSK Signs. Not only does SSK Signs have the expertise and experience in developing and installing high quality vehicle wraps, but our professional team can strategically incorporate your branding so that you’ll get the results you want. Ready to put your vehicles to work for your business? Contact us to request a quote.

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