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What is a Channel Letter Light Box?

Attracting customers to your Mississauga location can be successfully done when you pair your logo with the name of your business. One unique option to consider includes the use of channel letters matched with a customized LED lightbox. When used together, these signs can amplify brand awareness and help increase the size of your customer base.

To understand what a channel letter lightbox is and how it differs from traditional channel letters, let’s take a closer look at each sign. Channel letter signs are created using three-dimensional letters that are not attached to one another. Although lightboxes are considered a channel letter by design, they’re not created using the same approach. A lightbox is meant to display your logo as one cohesive unit. The sign can either have sharp and squared-off corners or be designed using a more contoured look.

Choosing an LED Light Box for Your Business

Logos and lightboxes offer great flexibility, making them a better choice for a creative design compared to typical cabinet signs. When deciding which sign is right for your Mississauga business, there are two kinds of lightboxes to choose from.

  • A contour LED channel sign, where the letters are one big unit shaped into a logo. This is a smart choice if the name of your business also serves as your logo.
  • An LED logo box cabinet is used for logos that incorporate images behind a word. The Starbucks logo is an excellent example of this option.

Businesses can experience many benefits from using a lightbox sign to highlight their logos. To start, they will make your logo easier to recall. In addition, your brand name and signage will have more of a wow factor, ensuring your business is as memorable as possible. Adding an image to your channel letter signs is an excellent strategy and can go a long way towards increasing your marketing reach.

Improve Your Exterior with The Right Business Signs

Could your business benefit from professional signage that supports your marketing strategies? From cabinet signs to a custom illuminated logo sign, it’s time to make sure your exterior signage is designed to drive success. SSK Signs knows that great businesses need great signs, and we’re ready to work with you to ensure your signage attracts customers from near and far. With a commitment to providing signage solutions that help your business get noticed, we invite you to contact us to learn more about the options available.

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