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Architecture Signage: Because Your Business Should Stand Apart

When you want your business to stand out above the rest, sometimes a simple sign just isn’t enough. If your company’s signage goals go beyond basic advertising, it’s time to look at architecture signage and what it can do for your Mississauga business.

Custom architectural signage is most often used to increase the presence of a building or another large structure. Facilities such as academic campuses, office towers, and corporate headquarters often make use of architecture signage, although just about any large building can benefit from this type of show stopping signage.

How to Create Effective Architecture Signage

When you choose to invest in custom architectural signage, you’ll get the benefit of combining functional elements with aesthetical flair. The result? A stunning mix that strongly represents your business and adds to the environmental design of the facility.

In order to ensure your architectural signage is effective, here are three things to keep in mind:

  1. Focus on design. Experienced architectural signage manufacturers know how to create visually attractive signage that also enhances the environment. While the primary purpose needs to function as these signs aren’t sculptures, your final design should aim to elevate your brand’s image beyond what simple signage could do.
  1. Expect top quality. When creating architecture signage for the exterior of your space, aim for something that’s sturdy and strong. Materials used must be of high quality to deliver unique details while still standing the test of time.
  1. Compliance and installation regulations – Ensure that the architectural signage manufacturers you work with are well versed in AODA compliance as well as local bylaw regulations. Without compliant signage, you run the risk of not only being fined, but of also creating a negative impression with your audiences.

What’s the impression you want people to have when they visit your Mississauga business? Custom architectural signage has the ability to drive your company image straight to the top. Inversely, out of date and poorly maintained outdoor signs are not only hard to look past, but they also allow people pass by your business without a second look.

SSK Signs Delivers Outstanding Business Signs

If you’re truly interested in having your business stand out, you need a cohesive architectural signage strategy. Starting with your outdoor architecture signage, SSK Signs will work with you to make sure that every signage application you need delivers the striking brand message you want. Our team has plenty of experience creating bold signage that will suit your needs. To learn more about working together, call 647 792 5716 or contact us today.

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