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5 Tips to Design a Perfect Storefront Sign for Your Business

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  The quote attributed to Will Rogers refers to the importance of making a good first impression when you meet someone. The same theory also applies to your company in terms of making a good first impression with potential customers.  The easiest way to ensure you make a great first (and lasting) impression is by using professionally designed store front signs.  

Storefront Signs are Crucial to the Success of Your Business  

Well designed, unique store front signs tell the world you exist, what you do, and where to find you. Having the right design ensures that your investment will do its job—attract customers through your front door.

Here Are 5 Tips to Design the Perfect Sign for Your Business

  1. Your exterior sign should clearly display the name of your company and tell customers what you do–i.e. Bill’s Hardware or Tiffany’s Hair and Nail Studio. Don’t make customers guess.
  2. Readability is key. The size, type, and font style should be large, clear, and easily readable, even from a distance. Drivers have just seconds to read your sign. Ensuring a proper contrast between the text and its background is also highly important for visibility.
  3. The choice of colours (background and text), materials, and the type of sign should positively reflect your brand image. The colours and materials should positively reflect your company’s vision and give a feel for who you are and what you do. For instance, a bakery or café may choose an earthy wooden storefront sign to reflect that warm, ‘homey’ feel, while someone wit a more corporate company—a law firm, for instance—may prefer a distinguished, more traditional look with a sign that’s customized to blend with their building’s architecture.
  4. Materials chosen should stand the test of time to keep your sign looking as good as new. Look for recommendations on long-wearing, weather-resistant materials that stand up to Canadian weather.
  5. Digital storefront signs and signs with lighting ensure your sign is easy to read day or night and promote your company 24/7.

You Can Trust SSK Signs to Make the Right First Impression

When it comes to designing the perfect storefront sign, we bring years of experience and plenty of positive reviews from satisfied customers to the table. SSK Signs in Mississauga can get your business the attention it needs. Contact us now to speak to a sign specialist.

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