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5 Do’s & And Don’ts For Wall Murals

We’ve talked before about how corporations can use wallpaper and wall murals to enhance their environment. However, like any marketing and branding tool, there needs to be some significant thought involved in order to ensure that the wall murals you choose are effective. For example, you don’t want to add mural wallpaper that will overpower your space but you do want to make sure what you choose is visible and adds tangible value.

Branding your Mississauga office with something unique like a 3D wall mural can go a long way in helping your company stand out. From motivating employees to making your space incredibly welcoming for customers, wall murals provide an excellent opportunity to improve your overall brand image.

The Best Advice For Creating A Wall Mural

SSK Signs has helped many Mississauga businesses better utilize their wall space by adding mural wallpaper or something more dominant, like a 3D wall mural. Whether you want to tell your company’s story or highlight your latest products, take our advice on the top do’s and don’ts for designing memorable murals for your commercial space.

  • Do choose a wall mural design that will be clearly visible when you enter your space. Avoid using colours that won’t stand out and will be hard to see, resulting in little to no visual impact.
  • Do choose a design that suits your space and provides a custom branding solution. Think about the environment you are hoping to create and choose images, lettering, and colours that add to that vision. The space you have to work with will also largely dictate the best options for your space.
  • Don’t ignore your other branding. Branding your wall space should be considered part of your overall marketing strategy. You need to ensure your design is cohesive with all other interior and exterior signage and works to improve your brand awareness.
  • Do choose the best wall for your mural. Avoid walls with obstructions and if possible, choose one that gets some natural sunlight to help make your wall mural the highlight of the room. In addition to natural light, pay attention to how the artificial lighting in your office may affect the final result.
  • Don’t install it yourself. If you’ve gone to all the trouble of designing an outstanding mural that will support your company’s success, don’t let poor installation ruin it. SSK Signs can install 3D wall murals or any type of mural wallpaper with professionalism and expertise. This means no bubbles and a smooth finish, both of which will make your mural look fantastic, and help it last much longer.

Make The Most Of Your Wall Space With SSK Signs

Adding custom wallpaper or custom murals to corporate spaces continues to be a growing trend. A very cost-effective way to invigorate your office space, waiting room or retail location, wall murals can bring graphics and content to life in a way that resonates with everyone who comes through your door. Contact SSK Signs to find out more about using your wall space to grow your business.

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