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5 Business Design Ideas for Impressive Monument Signs

Modern monument signs are an investment that many businesses make to augment their facility entrances in Mississauga and the GTA.

For example, multi-tenant facilities such as shopping malls and industrial parks use these signs to display vital information for all the tenants on the premises. Independent businesses can also make use of these signs to promote their business in addition to landmarking their location, offering directions, and greeting guests.

Here are five business design ideas that you can use to make an impressive statement with your signage.

  1. Get Creative with Signage Materials

One of the biggest advantages of these signs is that they allow for a wide range of materials. From various types of metals to brick, wood, stone, and more options—there are so many ways you can get creative with your signage structure.

No matter which materials you choose, it’s important to invest in quality products. This will help ensure your signage is durable and reliable for the long term and built to withstand the weather year-round.

  1. Make a Statement with Bold Monument Sign Designs

Since the goal of your signage is to make your business stand out, don’t be afraid to choose a bold design. This could mean bright colours, striking designs, and impressive sizes that will help your sign get noticed. If people are passing by your business, this bold design is what will catch their eye and, hopefully, encourage them to step inside.

  1. Showcase Modern Monument Signs

If you’re not looking to go bold with your signage design, you may prefer a more refined, modern sign. Bright colours and striking designs may not align with everyone’s brand style. Instead, consider a sleek, contemporary look if that’s what suits your business best. This could mean incorporating clean lines, polished materials, and more streamlined design elements in your signage.

  1. Add Lighting for Extra Monument Sign Visibility

Lighting will help your signage stand out at all hours of the day. Even if your business is not open late, you can continue to let people know about your business, and landmark your location 24-7. During poor weather conditions, lighted signs are especially important. They are a welcome sight, and will help new customers find your business quickly and easily.

  1. Greet Guests with Custom Signage Messaging

When you work with a professional signage partner such as SSK Signs, you will benefit from being able to customize all of your signage features. This includes your sign’s messaging. In addition to your business name, you may decide you’d like to include your company slogan or a greeting that welcomes guests arriving to your facility. Our professional team can help you decide on text that will be most effective and help you achieve the best ROI on your monument sign cost.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your signage ideas and reach out for an estimate on the monument sign cost. You’ll appreciate our complete solutions, which include design, permitting, production, and installation. To get started on achieving impressive signage in Mississauga and the GTA, connect with our team at SSK Signs today.

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