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4 Trends Dominating Vehicle Signs

We’ve talked before about the value and opportunities that exist with using vehicle wraps to build your brand.  If you are ready to add advertising vehicle wraps to your marketing strategy, it is worth taking a look at the top emerging trends to see if you can put them to use for your company.  Whether you have fleet vehicles on the road that can be wrapped or you send out service vehicles across your territory, using the latest vehicle sign trends can really differentiate you from anything else on the road. 

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Adding a wrap to your vehicle opens up options for customization and for choosing finishes that are beyond the average choice.  Vehicle wraps can be completed using a matte finish or using partial accent wrap that has a different texture.  These unique features really stand out. If you drive through the streets of the Greater Toronto Area, keep your eyes peeled for different vehicle wrap textures, they are certainly growing in popularity.

Added Details

If you are looking to take your logo up a notch, using embossing, vehicle lettering, reflective vinyl or knifeless tape can add dimension and luxury to your vehicle wrap. These trends are a great way to fully showcase your brand’s high end style.

Doubling Up

As the expertise and knowhow for vehicle wraps continues to grow, sign experts can now activate two different types of wraps to complete the look for your fleet vehicle wraps or other type of company vehicles. Using this strategy, one wrap would initially be used to cover the vehicle and a second type of vehicle wrap such as textured or accent wraps would be placed on top.

Combo Wraps

The effectiveness of vehicle wraps can be a real game changer for businesses.  As such, companies are taking the benefits one step further and branching out to wrap more than just their vehicles. If your business related vehicles tow any type of trailers, those can be wrapped too!  Not only the trailers, but you will notice that golf carts, boats, snowmobiles – just about anything towed behind the vehicle can be branded using wraps too.

There is certainly lots of choice out there when it comes to branding your vehicles. SSK Signs not only has expertise and experience developing and installing vehicle wraps, but our professional team can work with you on marketing and branding to create the results you had in mind. Our focus is to provide sound solutions that will deliver on your expectations and help your company grow.  Contact SSK Signs to request a free quote for your vehicle wraps or for any other signage needs your business may have – we look forward to working with you!


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