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3 Ways to Incorporate Wall Graphics in Your Business

Vinyl wall decals can be used in many types of businesses. Offices can use decals to add warmth and color to their space, gyms and fitness centers can transform entire walls, and restaurants can impress customers with a unique environment.

What’s great about this sign type is its wide range of applications. They are made from specialty vinyl and can be cut into any shape, printed in full color, and are easy to install. If you need to remove the graphics as your business needs change, decals offer this flexibility. The adhesive used is designed for easy removal and does not damage walls.

No matter your industry, don’t overlook how these signs can help your business stand out. Here are some ideas:

Promote Your Business Offerings with Wall Graphics

Graphics can help transform the walls of your business into marketing opportunities. Consider using lettering and images to let your customers know what you have available. In a travel agency, for example, images of popular destinations can let travelers know about their options. In a café, images and text can be used to display popular and specialty menu items to intrigue diners.

Transform a Space with Colours and Images

If you’re looking to create a unique space within your business, vinyl wall decals can completely renovate the environment. In a fitness center, walls can be transformed to position fitness enthusiasts at their favorite sporting event. In a restaurant, you can use graphics to set a scene that aligns with your cuisine.

Share Company Information Using Wall Graphics

In a business lobby, waiting room, or meeting space, consider using signs to share company details that inform guests. If clients are waiting for an appointment or meeting, your signs will give them an opportunity to learn more about your business. Options include a timeline of events, accolades, awards, and more information that highlights your company’s greatness.

Connect with SSK Signs for Commercial Wall Graphics

Request an estimate on commercial wall graphics from SSK Signs. They’re cost-effective, versatile, and can be used in so many ways throughout your business.

At SSK Signs we’re the perfect fit for all your signage needs. We offer a wide range of signage types and provide service, solutions, and know-how to supply you with professional business signs. Our complete solution includes design, permitting, production, and installation. To learn more and get started, connect with our team to discuss your project details.

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