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3 Types of Outdoor Signs that Get Noticed

Every Mississauga business should strive to have outdoor signs that accurately represent who they are and what they offer. Unfortunately, not all businesses choose the right signs which can lead to missed opportunities to attract as many customers as they could. Ideally, you want your business to look its best, and investing in professional outdoor signage will help you send the right message to potential customers.

High-quality exterior signs, such as a pylon sign, help to communicate to your customers that you care about your business. A well-designed outdoor presence can help build trust and credibility, which can lead to an expanded customer base and higher sales.

Outdoor Signs That Boost Your Business

Whether your Mississauga business is in a retail plaza or a stand-alone building, adding exterior signage that’s visible and easy to read should be an important part of your brand strategy. From an illuminated monument sign to your business name brightly lit above your door, the right outdoor signage can make a significant difference when it comes to your community presence.

Here are three types of outdoor sign options that can help attract more attention:

  1. Monument signs.

This type of exterior sign can be made from several different materials such as aluminum, concrete, brick, or wood. Typically placed at the entrance to a parking lot or building, monument signs can make it much easier for people to find your location. An excellent option for increasing your overall visibility, this sign can be very impactful when it comes to building a strong and positive relationship in your geographic area.

2. Channel letters.

If you’re looking for a three-dimensional sign that really pops, this sign is worth considering. The extra texture improves readability and can create an increased profile for your brand. Channel letters can be designed in many sizes and colors and offer numerous lighting options.

Niigon Lit Channel Letters

  1. Pylon signs.

There are several different types of pylon signs such as single-pole, double-pole, or illuminated pole signs. Mississauga businesses want to be visible from major roadways or highways, which these signs are ideal if you want to be seen from a distance. Custom pylon signage is an effective form of outdoor advertising offering great visibility and making your location easy to find.

Emery Village Plaza Illuminated Pylon Signs in Toronto, ON

Find Exterior Business Signs in Mississauga

The outdoor presence of your business should be as compelling as possible. If you want professional outdoor signage that creates an excellent first impression and increases your visibility, contact SSK Signs. As a full-service sign company that has helped businesses across all industries, we know we can help you with all your signage needs.  To find out more about building your business with great signage, give us a call today at 647 792 5716.

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